Greentube entering eSports sector via Hero purchase

The Greentube iGaming subsidiary of Austrian gambling giant Novomatic AG has announced its entry into the eSports sector via the acquisition of blockchain-powered fantasy betting pioneer Hero.
The Vienna-headquartered firm used an official press release to declare that Hero was established in order ‘to disrupt the online betting industry’ with its platform at allowing aficionados to compete against others via their own range of specially-created contests. The Austrian innovator moreover stated that this purchase is set to allow it to ‘significantly diversify’ its offering and ‘venture into the eSports and blockchain sphere for the first time.’
Broad business:
Greentube detailed that the eSports platform run by Hero already has over 300,000 active users while its Heronetwork advance can furthermore be utilized for all types of betting, pooling, poker and fantasy systems. The firm explained that the acquisition also includes the target’s proprietary Herocoin virtual token, which has been designed to ensure all transactions are safe and understandable.
Pioneering purchase:
Michael Bauer, Chief Financial Officer for Greentube, used the press release to pronounce that the eSports platform run by Hero ‘cuts out the middleman’ in permitting aficionados from around the globe ‘to challenge other enthusiasts without the interference of bookmakers’ settings the odds.’
Read a statement from Bauer…
“At Greentube we aim to hold a leading position when it comes to adopting new trends and technology. With Hero’s unique products, we have acquired an innovative and exciting business that will see us move into uncharted territory. The eSports and blockchain space offers a lot of possibility for the gaming sector and will open up new doors for us as a company. We are excited to explore the possibilities that lie ahead together with Hero.”
Confronting convention:
For his part and Paul Polterauer serves as the Chief Executive Officer for Hero and he proclaimed that his firm has always endeavored ‘change the nature of online betting’ by offering technologies and innovations that are ‘completely different.’ He additionally asserted that the company’s eSports products have been formulated to ‘challenge the old concept that the house always wins’ while simultaneously permitting users to ‘build a community that better benefits them.’
Polterauer’s statement read…
“Being acquired by such a renowned company as Greentube is a huge testament to the hard work we have put into developing and evolving our products. Together with Greentube we will be able to reach new heights.”

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