Illinois Gaming Commission approves Hard Rock International to begin construction on Rockford casino

This week, the Illinois Gaming Commission decided that Hard Rock International could begin construction of its Hard Rock Casino in Rockford. The property was found suitable for a license, which means construction can start on a temporary location. A license has yet to be fully approved for the facility.
Moving Forward
The vote by the Commission, which took place on Thursday, is a strong step in the right direction for Hard Rock. It clears the way for investors to arrange the financing process, start construction of the site and order slot machines, etc.

The permanent location is Giovanni’s on North Bell School Road. The permanent location is at East State Street, at the former Clock Tower Resort. The permanent location will cost $310 million to create. It is expected that 1,200 employment positions will be available at the facility. Around 1,000 will be created from construction.
Jon Lucas, the chief operating officer for Hard Rock International, commented that the company is grateful to the state and Gaming Board for support of the project and allowing the process to move closer to fruition. Lucas stated further that Hard Rock knows the city of Rockford well and are excited about what lies ahead.
Ongoing for Quite Some Time
The process of licensing the casino has been ongoing for quite some time. The Rockford City Council approved the plan in October 2019, after a presentation by Hard Rock International. Proposals were also provided by Forest City Casino and Rock River West Casino Group.
Earlier that year, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a gambling expansion bill making it possible for a casino to be created in six areas of Illinois. Rockford is among the listed areas. The Gaming Board had until October 2020 to deny or approve a project. The approval process was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic as meetings had to be postponed.

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Indiana Gaming Commission moves to revoke Rod Ratcliff’s casino license

The Indiana Gaming Commission has reportedly moved to permanently revoke the Indiana casino license held by local entrepreneur Rod Ratcliff (pictured) over allegations that he failed to disclose the transfer of business funds into a personal wagering account.
According to a Wednesday report from The Indianapolis Star newspaper, Ratcliffe partnered with former Centaur Holdings executive John Keeler in 2018 to lead a group that established Spectacle Entertainment so as to buy Indiana’s floating Majestic Star Casino Hotel and Majestic Star Casino Hotel II venues. This entity purportedly later successfully lobbied for the right to relocate one of these Gary riverboat casinos to a fresh and more profitable land-based site located along nearby Interstate 94.
Coming casino:
The newspaper reported that this new $300 million venue is set to debut later this year as the Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana featuring a collection of about 1,650 slots alongside some 80 gaming tables. However, any opening ceremonies are purportedly not likely to feature Ratcliff as he was forced to resign as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Spectacle Entertainment in June as scrutiny concerning his past behavior increased.
Questionable association:
The Indianapolis Star reported that the Indiana casino magnate first came under the spotlight when federal law enforcement authorities and the Indiana Gaming Commission launched investigations into whether Keeler had helped to illegally funnel campaign contributions into a state lawmaker’s unsuccessful congressional run. Although Ratcliff was not named in the subsequent indictment, he did purportedly have his license temporarily suspended in December before being compelled to sell his stake in the coming 200,000 sq ft Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana.
Later lawsuit:
Ratcliff reportedly responded by suing the Indiana Gaming Commission over claims that the interim suspension had come with ‘no notice, no hearing and no process’ and had additionally denied him the ‘ability to sell his shares on his own terms’ to the operator of the coming Lake County casino, Hard Rock International.
Serious reply:
However, the Indiana Gaming Commission reportedly countered on Monday by lodging a Lake County Superior Court petition that is seeking the permanent revocation of Ratcliff’s casino license. The regulator’s application purportedly contends that the entrepreneur had transferred approximately $900,000 from his casino business to personal betting accounts between 2015 and 2019 and had subsequently failed to disclose this information at the time of applying for his license.
The newspaper reported that the request from the Indiana Gaming Commission alleges that Ratcliff had violated its licensing standards in 2018 by ‘submitting false information’ while simultaneously ‘hiding conduct that violates Indiana gaming rules and regulations’. The regulator purportedly moreover claimed that the businessman had later refused ‘on two separate occasions’ to meet with its investigators so as to answer questions regarding any allegations of unethical business practices.
Converging course:
The Indianapolis Star reported that this petition is to ultimately be reviewed by the Indiana Office of Administrative Law Proceedings, which is a state office charged with ruling on agency disputes. In the meantime and Ratcliff purportedly asserted that he ‘looks forward to his day in court’ so that he may ‘contest these baseless allegations.’

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