‘PORKONOMAR’ Wins the $8 Million Guaranteed Venom Main Event on ACR

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08:3306 FebAfter an intense two weeks of hard-fought poker the Venom Series is over and a new champion has been crowned. ‘PORKONOMAR’ was the last man standing in the $8 Million GTD Venom, and he collected a massive $1,113,330 in prize money.Record-BreakingACR is known for going all-out to give their customers what they want, breaking records every year. The last two weeks were no different and the Venom main event took centre-stage as the biggest ever tournament on the site.The eight-man final table was a quick affair with fast and furious play from all players. It only took an hour and a half from the start until the heads-up stage.‘SmashedAvocado’ was now the only man left who could stop ‘PORKONOMAR’ in his tracks but he had his work cut out for him. At no point in the one hour of heads-up play did ‘SmashedAvocado’ hold the chip lead.The final hand came unexpectedly with effective stacks of 28 big blinds; fairly deep. ‘PORKONOMAR’ opened with pocket jacks and ‘SmashedAvocado’ three-bet jammed ace-jack offsuit over the top. The poker gods offered no help and we had a deserving winner.Final results1PORKONOMAR$1,113,3302SmashedAvocado$849,1503geNet1x$612,331.504Ha19000$381,117.505Ninjaman100$217,0056GORDONITO$121,711.507Pl3aseMuck$89,632.508GreekerFreaker$70,762.50The Venom Main Event didn’t need the $8 Million guarantee in the end. An impressive 3,774 entries signed up for the $2,650 buy-in, record-breaking tournament, pushing the prize pool up to $9,435,000.This guarantee for the Venom was the the biggest guaranteed prize pool in any online poker tournament for any U.S.-facing site in history. Not only that, but it was the second largest prize pool ever seen on ACR.ACR did it again and produced one of the most amazing online poker festivals ever seen. Let’s see what they come up with next after the exciting unveiling of Chris Moneymaker as the latest brand ambassador signing.Did you like this article?Tweet

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